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Unlock Your True Potential with Expert Coaching

How it works

Are you facing these common athletic challenges?

Hitting a performance plateau? Discover how to break through and keep improving.


Looking for a real competitive edge? Uncover the secrets to outperform your competition.


Recurring injuries or slow recovery? Learn strategies for effective injury prevention and faster recovery.


Generic training programs not cutting it? Benefit from customised training that targets your unique goals.


Confused about nutrition? Get tailored nutritional guidance for your specific athletic needs.


Need to hone sport-specific skills? Gain expertise in the specific techniques and strategies of your sport.


Seeking improved endurance or speed? Overcome your current limits with targeted training methods.


Lacking motivation and accountability? Stay driven and on track with professional support and guidance.

At XGYM, we believe that athletic success is not just about talent; it’s about hard work, smart training, and the right guidance. Our athletic performance coaching service is designed to unlock the true potential in each athlete, providing a pathway to achieving personal bests and beyond.

How It Works

Our Athletic Performance Coaching is complimentary with one of our 3, 12 or 18 month memberships.

Once you have signed up for a membership, you will be taken through our process below.

Creating your game plan

Here, we will assess your athletic performance goals, run you through a game plan and assign you to your coach.

Initial Performance Evaluation

During this evaluation, we will assess your athletic performance and training technique and set performance goals.

Tailored Training and Nutrition Plan

We will create your customised training program and prescribe your macronutrient and supplement plan to ensure optimal performance and recovery.

Ready to dominate

You are now ready to start your journey to peak athletic performance!

Athletic Performance Coaching Rugby

Program Overview

Our comprehensive program includes:

Performance Testing & Assessments

Testing your performance indicators i.e. vertical jump, force production and reactivity test.

Personalised Training Program

Tailored to meet your specific athletic goals.



Nutrition & Supplement Prescription

Essential for optimal performance and recovery.



Our evidence-based methods have helped countless clients, in various sports achieve their athletic performance goals:

  • Rugby
  • Basketball
  • Brazilian jiu-jitsu
  • Wrestling
  • Powerlifting

Check out some of our athletic performance clients.

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